Saturday, July 10, 2010


When I 1st started work in June.. I was welcome by these pleasant surprises..

Yeap, you've guessed right.. It was the enhancers.. So you think.. what are 'enhancers'? I was wondering too but I guess it's what the company gave us to 'enchance' our work day, which made more sense to me.. else I'd to find the person who started this 'enchancer' thingy.. :P

As the days & weeks grew, I realized my list enhancer got longer too.. Unfortunately it was only for the month of June T.T how I wish it will be an everyday thing.. SIGH~

This is what I could recall though (I didn't jot it down everytime nor do I took any photo for those) :

01) fruit cuts

02) 2 san fran beverages per (not every) day (any flavour you desire, any size)

03) san fran muffin

04) secret recipe cakes

05) VERY BIG juicy persimmon

06) magnum ice cream

07) secret recipe brownies

08) cornish

09) dried mangoes

10) dried apricots

11) chachos

12) san fran turkey mushroom with cheese on ciabatta or vegetarian pie (i bet you could have guessed.. no prizes for guessing it right though..LOL)

13) VERY BIG juicy sweet apple

14) the final items on the list.. ARE .... TADA!!

I am very happy.... They even put my name...

Now, I have to wash my mugs so I won't get caught being a pig T.T

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My new job..

*This post was supposed to be on 1st June 2010*

Well, after some exhaustive and worrisome search, and some postponed interview dates, I've finally found work by end of May & started by 1st of June 2010..

So nervous and have to get up early cos need to put on make up and dress nicely and dig out all my nice heels that I have to abandon because of my elephant feet...

So, siap already looking fabulous.. then when I reach office, this is what happened :

1) got lost several times, took wrong lifts, took wrong turns.. lol

2) forgotten the door to ladies, accidentally masuk gents, a male colleague heading to gents was chuckling when he saw me.. hahahahahhahaha

3) alot of people wearing jeans.. especially the admins..

4) although wearing heels are the preferred choice of many, quite a number of them wearing flat sandals / to me it is actually slippers.. quite bersantai-santai..

When I was taken around the office, I realised several things that the company has.... few leisure areas facing windows to breakaway, few pantries too.. hahahaha.. and I haven't go use the mash potato machine..

Come Monday, I have to remind myself (for the umpteenth time) that I need to bring a personal bowl.. LOL

Next up : ENHANCERS..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Exercise : From just talking to actually doing it

Ever since I've gotten my arse off and head to north half a month ago, I was contemplating on getting some form of exercise (been swelling an awful lot & aching due to excessive weight) Thinking in my head.. hmm.. must walk when I am there, must jalan-jalan and check out surroundings / food near the hotel..

Reality check : Slept after 5-6 a.m. woke up between 2-5p.m. only in time to get ready for dinner, had a cuppa after or some lighter meal then take away some food for later (between 2 - 5 a.m.), stayed up from 12-1 a.m. to watch Hell's Kitchen / Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Not much walking, out of 9 - 10 days there, just 2 days of a 30 mins walking to get food from coffeeshop near the hotel~ *faint*

After we got home, 8 days later, still, me looking out the window, at the far horizon or my mobile / pc and still thinking those thoughts, to a point even while sleeping, I am dreaming about it.

Carefully laid out plans : To get off my arse and start warming up at 6.30 a.m. then start slow walking from 7 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. when I am used to the slow walking, can progress to brisk walking (so I won't sustain injury) and if I still have any energy left after, maybe swim for 30 mins and since my adrenaline might still be pumping, should clean the house a little, start sorting some old junks for dear old garbage bins..

Reality check : I am blogging about it and just looking out every morning, out the window at those auntie / uncle / grandma / grandpa while they busy qigong / brisk walking / jogging.


Conclusion : Imma gonna try again tomorrow but I am still blogging now at this hour, so plans might tak jadi again *sigh*

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Of dreams, hopes and eerie terrifyingness..

Tut tut... almost a month since I last posted anything. A realization hit me.. I have not been online for a looooooooooong while.. not sure of the exact reason behind the lack of passion in that department.. or maybe just lacking in desire to reach out to masses..

Turning around, reflecting, funny how things had been, for me, especially in slumberland.. without fail, each encounter, on a daily basis I would fall into the abyss of  dreamland.. rarely a happy 1, most times just eerie.. (I just realised I subconsciously put 2 products up for advertising here~ good lord!I should get some deal here eh? It is seriously time anyway, I hope you guys see this and call me for an offer!)

It really doesn't matter, I could be in Penang, in a hotel room, my own room, a couch in a living room and any time of the day.. dreams kept pursuing me, haunting me.. every nooks and corners that I turned, it is there, staring.. waiting for me to approach and consume me whole.

To recap some of the snapshots (that I somehow recalled) :

1) There I am, present at a LGBT event / award do when I saw my 3rd uncle and my 'yi poh' literally meant 2nd grandma (actually sister to grandma to be accurate) hugging me, shaking my hands and they actually told me that they are A-O-KAY with me being out and proud and total acceptance, no question, hands down.. the key people missing from my dream was my mom and my sis actually~

This dream actually propels and set into motion a lengthy thought full of 'the how tos : course of continuously educating my immediate family of the danger of homophobia' and drove in an extremely strong desire to drag my gf and her family out to mingle with my familly, a strong proof that homosexuality does not divide, it brings together.. whereas homophobia divides.. GF's advise : not so wise.. SIGH~ plan failed..

Again, this was and had been an outcome from the very deep desire within for mummy dearest to know that I am really just her daughter, chips and all and I have not exactly changed that much. I have not turned evil, unacceptable (maybe only to some) or broken beyond repair. I have simply, mainly desire and chose to be with another woman and in turn, deemed undesirable in the eyes of a few, claiming to be the 'Majority' that is 'NORMAL'.

I have a few more ideas how to go about that but it really is too long to be written here, some other day, some other blog yeah? I promise :P

2) A darker, morbid dream. One that actually has my ex gf, Jenny (from L Word), some mafia, crime, thriller theme.. don't ask me for much of the content except my ex's head prop from the new stand ghost like (abit like Ju-on.. ewwww) while I was flipping through some books, she walked past the stand a few times and finally confronted me, then a beautiful, tranquil sepia image of Jenny with a gunshot wound on her side (love handles to be exact) sitting on a beautiful sofa, whirled in this pool of dead bodies... I feel like I was watching a movie, or looking at a painting that moves (with Jenny la) so enigmatic, so surreal (it is actually, I'd be horrified if it's true, what more with my ex in there.. LOL) and then an ensuing car chase or foot chase (really can't remember much, after that)

I have no explanation whatsoever to why I dream that but then I've dreamed worse just that I can't recalled the last 3 weeks worth of dreaming.. if you have an answer, feel free to analyze and tell me..

For the last week or so : I have been thinking and been speaking to the current and closest 2 women in my life, about us.. about lesbianism.. about future of the sistahood, future of working together, the LGBTIQ as a whole entity, together with friends, families and supporter of us all (sounds like PFLAG but not).

In my head, whirred exactly these few questions :

1) Why aren't the lesbians in Malaysia more visible?

2) Why aren't the lesbians in Malaysia more active?

3) Why aren't the lesbians in Malaysia doing much more for the sista like how the brothers did?

4) Why aren't there a web? If there is, why is it so frail, thin, transparent?

The answer anonymously comes to this : NO ACTION TALK ONLY.. it is very sad but I am hoping 1 day, it will all change. To get there, let's see how to tackle this and get some motors running and hopefully like the corns, we could transform to those tasty popcorns after being exposed to extreme heat.. LOL

Yesterday : I finally read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Truth be told, it didn't get me going like how Angels and Demons did; the latter made my heart leap and prance around the field.. I find it tedious to read at times and it has also caused me to self doubt : is my literacy waning? is my mind to comprehend wandering? has my linguistic mind became old and frail? Needless to say, i grabbed the attention of gf dearest and bombarded her with some questions similar to what I was feeling to determine if I am, in fact, turning into a numbskull.

Alas, besides admitting my inevitable fate to being a 1st class numbskull, the book is indeed tedious to read. I would definitely attribute it to the fact that the lack of knowledge I possessed regarding the Freemason / Lodge(?) and any Masonic teachings. I have and used to mistaken it with the Illuminati..

Nevertheless, my knowledge had not improved ever since.. meanwhile, reading throughout the wee hours into 1st light, I have these creepy feeling of 'otherness'. I keep looking out to the hallway outside my room (we kept door open as it was really hot yesterday) or have my phone facing it so the light will shone and show me anything that might make me jump real bad and leap out from my skin (I was really scared but I really had to know) and when it got too scary, I went out, setting myself down on a couch in my living room (lights on, definitely) all sorts of noise spooked me, TERRIBLY... even a slightly moving plastic that sealed the cigarette box.. ADUIH~

I finally fell asleep after 6.30 a.m. first on the couch, then made the migration to room and position of my head this time is resting where my feet normally would because I was trying to avert looking right out to the hallway facing middle room and master room and feeling all eerie, creepy and as if something uncomfortable has gotten under my skin (which it did, I am a big time scaredy-cat)

Ms. O, please help me.. I think I have succumbed to something dark! Let me know if you agree with me :P

Monday, May 3, 2010

Penang.. Long GONE.. : The Road Trip~

Ok... OK.. so I was supposed to post this like last month.. so I was supposed to announce to the world how funny the journey was.. but .. I was too sick / lethargic / tired / lazy (mostly lazy)..

I think this would be my 1st picture more than words blog.. hahahahahaha.. Enjoy!!

We stopped at the Jambatan restaurants and have Burger King!! I chomped on mine...

Look at her LCLY face with the fried mozarella!!

 This is our receipt~ Look at the damage.. hahaha!

The wind blows and the sakai emerged!!
Freaking hot weather and I got a tan just from sitting in a car...

Trust me, I really have to do this... It is an obligation!!

Must hold on.. can't fall asleep just yet *in case got wallop by driver*

This is not doughnut.. I was bored and taking picture of my belly button.. LOL

A view of my thigh's permanent marital partner... The Cellulite.. muahahahahahha

My pox scar that looked like kena bite by 1 small 1 big fang.. hehehehehe

My gf asked me to take the tunnel from her phone but sigh so hard la... so I used mine.. hehe!

 Yeap, at the end of every tunnel, there's always light *OHM*

You're probably wondering why the journey to penang is so funny...

1st : green scenery

More greens..

Mountains and greens.... sejuk mata memandang kan??

And then the nightmare begins...From afar, this hideous gigantic thing caught our eyes :

See the logo??

I got the logo for evidence.. YTL CEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were both shouting murder and ranting plus I was still struggling to get a better picture when this happened : 

That's right, A VAN!! and WHY???!! Because the gf's phone camera is stupid.. LOL

So gf asked me to 'take more scenery la!' and this happened next :

A moving truck and the tyre.. kan pandai her camera???

So I showed her all those above and we roared with laughter, ridiculing my photography skills, me lambasting her idiot phone camera and how ridiculous things turned out~ Then to my delight.. I discovered this, hence to her horror, the nightmare had begun :

Pretty pretty clouds~

A roast pig like cloud on the right, which we debated furiously about~

Don't ask me why, I like how the cloud looks.. 

Look to the left, it's like a hand stretched out for $!! 
You can almost hear me say : 'Hou sam lor, fuk sam lor~'

Then there's the look of 'battle between the good and evil'

Seems like the dark 1 is sending it's minions (the small black ones) to round and attack the white 1

The takeover was successful.. can you see how the white's arms are both stretched like being held by the armpit and both it's legs are curved when you are lifted up *sob*

Then it's armies attacked us :

I think we just past Ipoh or Taiping or something when it rained.. HEAVILY..

Ok, suddenly not so heavy anymore..

Ok, there!! It's making a comeback again~

And I didn't give up :

Nice hor? I took it through the tint from top part of main front window.. lol

It poured like nobody's business.. at this point, we think 'HABISLA, SURE REACH 7PM'

I even got a side 1 to show to you guys how 'lebat' it is~

And also some laughables (or not) to show how capable this photographer is and her trials and tribulation with that thing call phone camera :

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chowder and his out of tune songs...

I have to truly thank some1 for introducing me to Chowder.. It's my son.. LOL! These are some of the songs that are currently stuck in my head due to Chowder Overload..

I'm.. not.. your.. boyfriend.. I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND.. I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND.. I'M.. NOT.. YOUR.. BOYFRIEND~!!!!!

I can believe you can cook,
You should believe because I believe in you *out of tune while pointing at Mung*
You just have to try and trust your guts,
With all the food on a plate *high pitched, out of tune, fingers wriggling*
Because you're the best chef in the world,
And everything I learned I learned from you.. uh.. *short of breath, out of tune again, big mouth wide open*
Even if I didn't understanf a wor-r-d,
On the wings of an eagle *dramatic slow end, right hand far out, left hand air mic, tongue flicking up and down*

It ends with 3 rats clapping while he continues humming at the background... LOL


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being blanks and drawing speechlessness...

I stare here, a big space, white as cloud, try as I would but nothing comes to mind...

I am finally dried, my brain pulps are no longer juicy and refreshing. I don't know what to write anymore!!

I only have words now, those nonsensical words stringing into meaningless sentences....

Ok, dunno what to say anymore... except... I'm currently revisiting old TV Shows.. 1 of them being 3rd Rock From The Sun!!

Right, times up!! Finally fulfilled my obligation to submit something so my innards won't nag at me.. and back to enjoying the SHOW!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Of soul & sold...

Well, I have loads of shortcomings just as i have the long ones too.. lol but I just realised I've not blogged anything for the last say, 18 days or something like that.. hmmm.. can't remember if I ever delay this long.. need to check back my track record.. hahaha...

I actually had a draft on 20/03/2010 and it read something like this :

Don't Listen, Can't Register....

This is actually 1 of my pet peeve.. I hate it when you tell someone something, then you realized they didn't listen hence it won't register in their memory.. or ... maybe.. I AM JUST TOO DAMN LONG WINDED!!

Few days ago, 1 of my housemate approached me (not her 1st time) to have a short chat. This happened after I showed her the outstanding


A month or 2 passed and I just realised something.. me and gf getting abit looney.. we are getting more and more in-tune mentally.. or sorta psychic.. i can tell when something happened to her and asked her about it or that we will continuously say the same thing together.. or 1 will say it and another will think of the exact same word or that we ended up by ending one another's sentence..

This morning is definitely 1 of those days / times. We both were thinking to eat brekkie at the chinese coffee shop nearby our place...

I told her, we are old couple now!!!! Que horror!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Maxis = Orang Jagung

Today I called 123 again... these few days been calling 123 a few times a day...

It all started on the 26th when I realized I didn't know about my current usage.. mine is a Value 50. Being the haji (should be hajjah right) bakhil that I am, I try to make sure I don't use past RM 50 la! To my surprise, since 26th (before that I didn't check la) it's been a stagnant RM 43.65.. apa lagi, I berlumba-lumba to clear it la.. takkan let Maxis telan for free meh.. kiasu-kan me??? LOL..

Anyway macam babi gila or mad cow disease, I rush to sms or call ppl la on both 27th & 28th (my billing cycle is 28th).So it's been a calling to and fro to 123 cos no update whatsoever, menyusahkan mak bapak I tell you.. sigh.. and once a Customer Service Person told me 'for convenience, please *100# to check'.. macamla I don't know about that! Who wanna waste time call and hold on the phone anyway.. what more a sloth like me?? everything I want shortcut, haha!!

They keep telling me, your new usage is RM this this this.. RM that that that.. until 28th evening itself ya.. So I checked again today and my new balance hasn't return to 0.00 yet but still at RM 43.65 (I know, obnoxious kan?), I called 123 again la.. So a nice lady told me that my cycle is 28th - 27th of the next month, struck 00:00 of 28th, it's new billing month (aku kan bodoh sikit)... and my current usage for the new billing invoice is RM 4.26 (my usage on 28th la yang I berlumba-lumba nak habis the RM 50.00!!) Biasanya only on 29th my new balance will show 0.00.. so why they don't show on 28th itself? KAN SENGAJA.. KAN??? KAN??? KAN??? CONSPIRACY TO THE MAX!!


It's not good, I love my corn, now if and whenever I wanna eat it, I will see MAXIS the ORANG JAGUNG!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Bloody Australia!

Last Saturday was 'Majority Lesbos Day' in Yuen's steamboat.. It's been so long since all of us were together.. not the full group though *looks far far away towards Ling + Wendy*

There's 2 pots on our table.. 1 'ha' and 1 no 'ha'... and erm, no pictures too.. we were 1 hour late *sorry sorry* I'm still at home when I've gotten a call from MM.. and gf masih sibuk berdandan.. hahahahahahahaa!!

So HT and C (or S) got there 1st (so punctual, paisehnya aku), followed by MM and J, then MT & JA, me and AB, DL and D (hope her surname is not L too, else sounds like twins) *somehow can feel DL's dagger eyes, kidding la* and the fashionably late star.. ALMOST 2 (TWO) HOURS.. is AY & NL..

Of course we were busy conjuring up names for the marathon they were in... muahahahahahahhha.. GATAL! But the actual event wasn't as exciting as what was happening in all our minds.. muahahahhaha.. I didn't think I ate much that night though, still appetite lacking T.T everyone were sorta like having their ice creams by then..

NEXT! My turn to get mine and saw those ice cream glass / cups were kinda icky.. went back to table and while cleaning it when someone *SHRIEK* (It could be DL, D, AY or NL) and pointed at my AUSTRALIA! and there it was.. a bloodied U Turn! LOL... everyone feel so embarrassed for me and urging AB to get ice cream for me instead.. everyone was really cute and NL launched into a 'which girl tak pernah kena? even if not outside, sure inside kena 1.' Thanks girls but I am ok, really :P

After that, we decided to go to Enigma cos some wanna chuck a beer or two.. and of course I went back to change to another pair or pants! LOL! It was surprisingly a quiet night.. We could even find parkings.. LOL

Not much excitement there except all getting worked up by ppl not closing the sliding door properly and bad karaoke voices wafting into where we were and the Lady Boss / PIC's car gotten banged.. dunno how the driver of a moving car managed to hit a parked car with quite a huge space in between.. must be mabuk already..

Now we are all thinking.. NEXT DESTINATION???