Saturday, July 10, 2010


When I 1st started work in June.. I was welcome by these pleasant surprises..

Yeap, you've guessed right.. It was the enhancers.. So you think.. what are 'enhancers'? I was wondering too but I guess it's what the company gave us to 'enchance' our work day, which made more sense to me.. else I'd to find the person who started this 'enchancer' thingy.. :P

As the days & weeks grew, I realized my list enhancer got longer too.. Unfortunately it was only for the month of June T.T how I wish it will be an everyday thing.. SIGH~

This is what I could recall though (I didn't jot it down everytime nor do I took any photo for those) :

01) fruit cuts

02) 2 san fran beverages per (not every) day (any flavour you desire, any size)

03) san fran muffin

04) secret recipe cakes

05) VERY BIG juicy persimmon

06) magnum ice cream

07) secret recipe brownies

08) cornish

09) dried mangoes

10) dried apricots

11) chachos

12) san fran turkey mushroom with cheese on ciabatta or vegetarian pie (i bet you could have guessed.. no prizes for guessing it right though..LOL)

13) VERY BIG juicy sweet apple

14) the final items on the list.. ARE .... TADA!!

I am very happy.... They even put my name...

Now, I have to wash my mugs so I won't get caught being a pig T.T

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